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Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide economical virtual servers and mass storage systems distributed around the world. With servers in Europe, North America and the Pacific basin, AWS have distribution points in nearly every country, providing fast delivery of your web content to your clients.

I am an experienced cloud computing consultant, having worked in server support for several years I have set up a number of servers 'in the cloud', and I'm currently working on a service to support ResourceSpace in a cloud environment.

ResourceSpace is an open source digital asset management system, which is extensively used around the world. With my skills in PHP development and AWS support, I am working with a large multinational company to implement ResourceSpace and update it to make full use of the cloud.

To find out more about the AWS, cloud computing, and ResourceSpace in the cloud, please see my cloud-based site,   Opens in new window

If your company is interested in moving to cloud computing, or if you are just not sure what it does or why it would be good for you, then please get in touch and we can have a chat.

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