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IT Consultancy

With over thirty years in computers, I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of IT, including hardware, servers (Windows and Linux), security and disaster recovery, e-mail, - in fact anything you need to know as a business. Whether you want advice on a specific problem or somebody to give your IT systems a quick health check, get in touch.

Over the last few months, I have been heavily involved with 'cloud computing', especially with the Amazon 'AWS' service. While the cloud is aimed largely at the international audience, its resilience and flexibility make it useful to everybody.

Whether your need is cheap, reliable and simple backup through to enterprise level resilient, scalable servers with terrabytes of data, the cloud has something for you.

As more small businesses are getting more reliant on computers, the risk of catastrophe increases. To most people, the challenge of simply moving to a new computer is very daunting, so they hang on to their ten year old computer till it breaks and they lose all their records. People buy a new computer, then find their old software doesn't work on it, so they spend as much again upgrading all their software - then have to go on training courses to find out how to use it. Find out how you can avoid this vicious cycle, and save yourself time and money.

As business goes on line, more and more trading is done through computers - but very few home or small business computers are adequately protected against viruses, spam and hackers. Most new computers come with three months free anti-virus software, but is it set up right for you? There are free virus scanners and firewalls available but can you remove the commercial version that came ready installed, and can you set up your firewall to be secure?

Wireless networks save a lot of hassle trying to get cables round offices and homes, but very often the default settings are not secure. Do you know whether you are usinp WEP or WPA to secure your network? A hacker can break into WEP in under a minute, and be sending his spam and viruses at your expense without you ever being aware.

So, how can we help? If you live in or near Northallerton, drop me a line. I will come and spend two hours discussing what you need at your convenience and absolutely free of charge. As we are working with my-Northallerton, we can offer some incredible rates to local business and to the public in Northallerton, and by teaming up with neighbours we can identify significant savings for you.

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