Light on Dark
Laura Brookes
Abandon sanity, all ye who enter!

Nah, just kidding. Welcome to my section of the family website! As you may have guessed, I'm Laura Brookes, and all that stuff on the banner up there? That's basically me in 160x1200 pixel form. Well, obviously there's a lot more to me than that, but the program I used to make it wasn't exactly the best.

Basically, I'm your average English teen with a few interesting twists. I'm currently studying Performing Arts (or Drama), Psychology, and Maths at A2 level (I'm not entirely sure how that translates for the Americans out there, but I'm basically entering my last year before your College system), and I'm thinking of picking up another As level to keep me occupied. I work behind the tills in a shop which is fairly close to my house, I own a car and a full drivers license, I plan to go to University after college (although which one and studying what are still escaping me at the minute), and I tend to be permanently covered in white cat fur from my adorable, yet undeniably psychotic, cat called Chloe.

This page is mainly going to be used to keep all my links in one place. Like many of you out there, I'm part of several web communities (under various names and personas, of course), and I do my best to keep up to date with them all. As you can see, to the right of this is a panel full of my links, and I'll just give you a quick run-through of who I am and what I do on each.

First, DeviantArt. If you haven't heard of this amazing web community, then you have missed out, I'm telling you. Deviantart is a huge website run by a dedicated Tech team (some of whom are currently touring the world to meet some Deviants), where people like you and me can upload artwork or literature, and other people can comment on them, or add them to their Favourites folder. My name on there is eyeeyeYzrol, and I will admit to not being much of an artist, but I consider myself a fairly good photographer, and much better at poetry and prose. Seriously, though - even if you aren't interested in my profile, get yourself on there and just have a look at some of the amazing pieces of art people have created for the world to see.

Next, Hotmail. This is more for my benefit than yours - I'm hardly going to tell you my email adress - but this is where I go every day to keep up to date with what's going on in the world and with all my friends, although I'm sure I hardly need to tell you lot that.

Alright, now Yes, I do, and will persist in calling it, simply because it's more or less a habit for me. I'm sure there are those of you out there who know about this site as well, but for those who don't, is a website for Fan fictions (bet you couldn't figure that one out yourselves). Fan fictions are where you take existing characters and plots - for example, Harry Potter or The Simpsons, and place them into your own scenarios.Like DeviantArt, anyone can create an account and write a story, but it takes a lot for people to notice your work. My own account is called Lorze the Brookes, and my current most popular story is called Warrior of Art (A Dynasty Warriors fan fiction which includes my own original character). However, on top of this, I'm also a volunteer beta-reader for other people - at the minute, I'm beta-reading for one King Kong story, and one King Kong/Doctor Who crossover story. Sounds interesting, I know, but it really does work out. Feel free to contact me to beta-read one of your own creations!

RuneScape, RuneScape, RuneScape. One of the best MMORPG games I've found yet, and most certainly a huge help in gaining friends from all over the world. My main account on there is called Yzrol Bree (don't ask if you want to retain your sanity), and there is literally something for everyone on there. Like killing things? Become a warrior. Love fishing? Then fish! You're a pyromaniac arsonist? They already saw you coming with skills like Firemaking. Even if you don't want to level, there are quests, mini games a whole huge world to explore, and thousands of new people to meet. Yeah, you aren't going to see eye to eye with all of them, but I can pretty much garuntee that, whatever your tastes, you'll find someone else who has them. Just watch out for noobs.

Youtube - of course this is going to be up here! I do have an account on it, but I haven't published any videos, and I probably won't. I just like to watch the videos, and, hey, this is where I'm posting all my links.

Finally, Facebook. Yes, I know. I've always complained about Facebook, but now I'm actually on it, it isn't all that bad. Feel free to add me if you want, I probably won't say no (unless you're a proper nutcase or something, and even then perhaps).

Well, that's all my links explained for you. Hopefully I'll see you around on some of them! And if I don't, then thank you for persevering until the end of my web page. See you around!

- Laura (aka Yzrol, Yzrol Bree, eyeeyeYzrol, Brooksie, Lorze the Brookes, that nutter, her with all the white cat fur all over her).

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