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Web Design and Development

I have over ten years experience working with the World Wide Web as a developer, mainly using ColdFusion and more recently, PHP. I also have very strong skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery, and Ajax using Json.

Much of the ColdFusion work was for intranet use by North Yorkshire County Council, so it is difficult to show, however my more recent work in PHP can be seen in a number of sites – please see below.

My work is very standards-based, with my earlier work being to XHTML standard and my new work being to HTML 5/CSS 3 standard. If you want a website building and are based in or around Northallerton area, please get in touch with us.

Examples of my work

shotfarm (  Opens in new window is an American company aiming to provide a link between manufacturers and retailers, for the dissemination of photographs and advertising material. Their software is based on ResourceSpace, but has been heavily customised and extended. I started working with shotfarm before the launch, and over the course of two years developed their systems to support over 1,000 users and 60,000 images and documents.

ResourceSpace in the Cloud (  Opens in new window is my own site, set up as an exercise to document how to set up a cloud server, and now used to host the documentation, a forum, and an installation of ResourceSpace.

I work with a couple of young web designers/developers who are trying to make a start in the world, and the following are examples of their work which I have provided technical assistance with:

Romanby Parish Council (  Opens in new window

Brompton Tyre and Exhausts (  Opens in new window

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