How to use the trees


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To display the GenoGram, either use the GenoGram button on the toolbar and select a line in the index, or use the tree icon on the individual details page.

GenoPro uses a plug in to your web browser to display the Genograms or family tree diagrams.  Unfortunately this plug-in may not work very well with FireFox, but it does work well with Internet Explorer.  The GenoPro help screen gives details for downloading and installing the plug-in.

The tree diagrams are fairly self explanatory.  The gender symbols (square for male, circle for female) act as buttons to display the individual details in the upper window.  Blue names are links to other GenoGrams whilst purple names are external hyperlinks.  Blue gender symbols represent corresponding individuals in the different trees - these should have purple names to link to the other tree, but I have yet to check them all.

The toolbar buttons provide basic functionality, but there are some keyboard / mouse combinations that are useful.

To resize the image, use the magnifying glass buttons - to zoom in, to zoom out.  restores the image to 'original size', but more useful is the 'shrink to fit' button on the right.

Alternatively, to zoom in to a specific area press the 'ctrl' key and click in the area or hold down 'ctrl' and click and drag to outline the area.  To zoom out, hold 'shift' and 'ctrl' and click in the image.

To move round the image click the green arrows on the sides and corners of the window or hold down 'alt' and click and drag to move the image.

Use the info button to display the GenoPro help screen, and of course the close button closes the window.