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How to use the trees


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The family trees are generated by a program called GenoPro.  The version I currently use (Jan 2007) is GenoPro 2007, released last month and with some nice bits like expanding ancestor fans (which I leave you to find for yourself). These notes were written for a preview (Beta) version, in January 2006, so if you find anything here that doesn't match what you're looking at, please let me know using my contact form.

The trees are fairly easy to find your way round.  The screen consists of a number of panes - the title and tool bar at the top, the index panel on the left and the display area on the right.  The display area may be split to show the tree view in the lower part, as shown here.

The dividing lines can be dragged to resize the panes, and the font can be resized to improve readability.

The toolbar allows you to move between views.  Only relevant buttons are shown, so some of these may not appear.  The home button returns the display area to the initial surname index whilst the index button displays the surname index in the index panel.  The individuals and families buttons display the individuals index and the families index in the index panel.  Clicking on a name in the index displays details of that individual in the display area - this is probably the best way to locate people.

The Genogram button lists the available family tree diagrams which can be displayed.  Selecting a diagram from the list displays it in the lower part of the display area, if you have the appropriate viewer installed.  Click here for more details.

The remaining buttons also display the relevant indexes in the index area, and clicking one lists associated individuals in the display area.  These are Pictures , Contacts , Places , and Sources .

Updated 12/1/07