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This web holds the family tree of the Brookes family, centred on John Alan BROOKES (1921 - 1991) and Doris ARMISTEAD (1923 - 1985).  Alan and Doris had two children, my sister Kathleen and myself (John Bernard).  They also have five grandchildren and two great grandchildren, but as I try not to publish details of living people, you will not find them on this site.

The Brookes side of the family is rather sparse.  Alan was the only one of three brothers to have children.  His father (Jesse BROOKES 1895 - 1976) was also the only one of three brothers to have children although one adopted a daughter.  Jesse's father (George BROOKES, c1860 - 1897) moved into the area, married, and died without ever appearing on a census, so I was having trouble following that side of the family further back. However, his marriage certificate shows his father as Jesse Brookes, and I can only find one family with a Jesse and a George born in 1860, so my research progresses.

The Armisteads, in comparison, are a large and growing community.  Robert ARMISTEAD (1803 - 1874, Urswick) and his wife Ann PICKTHALL (1796 - 1881) had three children, 10 grandchildren, 45 GGC - and three more generations below that.  Most of these lived round Scales, but James (1858 - 1925) moved to Kirkby Ireleth, married Isabella MARR (1855 - 1931) and had 9 children.  His son James (1882 - 1940) married Margaret Agnes POPE, had 10 children and moved to South Ulverston following Margaret's death.  My mother Doris was born in Soutergate, moved to Ulverston at three years old and then to Barrow following her marriage to Alan in 1953.


Updated 5/4/08.

Please note I have reduced the size of the image and the font used, as it did not fit on my PDA. If you think it's now too small, please contact me through the link above.

The advantage of a big family is that there's bound to be someone else looking at the family.  As well as my family tree, you will also find Jo Jones' tree here.  Jo is GGGD of James (1826), which makes her my third cousin.  I must also thank Julie, Karen, Jo Roscoe and John Barnes who have all contributed significant parts of my tree.

In addition, I have recently received additional material from the Guild of One Name Studies, or more specifically from Karen Burnell, the registered Armistead expert. I have published this as a separate dataset until I can get it properly merged.

Newsflash - 5/4/08

I have found another relative - Wayne Armistead is my second cousin twice removed, being descended from Jonathon Brewer Armistead (1888 - 1953). Wayne now lives in Canada, and I have added the details he has supplied to the relevant part of my tree.


If you would like your family tree published on this site (as long as it connects in to mine somewhere), please get in touch. As long as you can send me a GedCom file of your tree, I will publish it for you.