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Welcome to the Brookes-Net website.

Hello and welcome to

Brookes-net is a new IT Consultancy and Web Development company, set up to serve the people and businesses of Yorkshire.

Being aimed at small to medium sized enterprises and families, we try to provide a fully rounded approach to computers and the internet, providing everything you need to introduce new technology into your life. If you are setting up your first web site, looking at what the Cloud can offer, or just want advice on how to prevent viruses, we are here to help.

My name is John Brookes, and I am the brains behind Brookes-net. I have over thirty years experience working in computers, having started as a hardware engineer in 1979. Since then I have worked for a wide range of organisations, from local government to three-man businesses, in a variety of roles including Security Officer, Infrastructure Support and Web Developer, and most recently moving into the AWS cloud. Please see our Consultancy and Development pages for more details.

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